Head in the Clouds

There are some residents from Mackinnon (the ‘party’ residence) that I really like. They’re supper cool. I met a group of Zijia’s residents on Thursday night and they were really welcoming and chill. I wrote letters to a handful of them thanking them for being really welcoming. I’ve seen a handful of them today and they’ve been acting overly chill. I think they’re just really tired but I can’t help but feel kind of insecure. I went a little out of my way for them and they haven’t acknowledged it at all. I’m a bit insecure that they think I’m trying too hard. I don’t want their actions to affect how I treat them- but it can be challenging to continue to go the extra step for a group of people who are quite indifferent.

I also wrote a note for and gave a survey to Anneka and she told me that she filled it out. Which made me supper happy :). It makes me feel really good when she (or anyone really) says that they really like me. It makes me like them even more. And so I feel that announcing that I really like someone will help me and that person bond. The thing with Anneka is that I know she likes me but I still feel like she has the potential to be a real bitch to me because she’s so honest and blunt. She can be brutal. I know that she’s not lying when she says something to me but I feel as though she’s potentially holding back.

Also I feel like being an RA has made it difficult to make real friendships. I think Madison is the only friend I’ve really made. I actually tell her things and I feel as though I can open up to her. I appreciate the exchange. 
There are other residents I feel close to and that’s really nice. It’s just kind of strange. I think these Mac residents don’t know how to be friends with an RA so maybe they feel that it’s a little awkward to include me anymore into their circle. 

I have this oral presentation due tomorrow and I’m only just starting it… Got to get on that.

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My morning started with crashing my car in the middle of nowhere but ended on this beautiful lake. Still one of the best days.
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Plant names

Aurora (meaning dawn)

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This is my girlfriend Sydney (on the left) and I’m Shay. She is honestly is my world and I love her so much <3

Fall mornings with @ktnewms in perfectly destroyed Boy Jeans.